This is the best type of Instagram post to grow your following

Keeping a consistent and interesting social media presence takes a lot of work. So I wanted to make sure that my efforts weren’t being wasted. I hate when I take the time to craft the perfect Instagram picture and caption and then I don’t get any likes, comments, bookmarks, or shares.

I sat down to analyze my Instagram metrics and this is how I found out what type of Instagram posts yield the best results.

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Lolita Korneagay
These 7 things will make your life as an entrepreneur a lot easier

Being an entrepreneur is a job that never stops. I’m constantly thinking about some aspect of my business all day long. And my mind doesn’t stop racing even when I’m sleeping. At times, it feels like I have a to-do list that continues to grow and I’m always playing catch up.

So over the years, I’ve learned to automate as many areas of my life that I can. Doing this takes these tasks off of my to do list and frees up my mental space and actual time for other things and activities

Here’s a list of things that I’ve automated and my life is a lot easier because of it.

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