The Top 5 Services to Start a Business for Free (Plus a Free Worksheet)!

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"It takes money to make money."

We’ve all heard that line before. It seems like only people who have money to spend are the people that make more money and everyone else is left out in the cold.

This is not true!

When you're first starting out, you don't have a ton of money to use for your business. So what do you do?

Get a small business loan? Start a Go Fund Me account and beg your family and friends to help you? Or do nothing at all because your feel defeated before you even start?

None of the above!

The BEST way to start your new nursing business is with a “free-sourcing” strategy.

A “free-sourcing” strategy is a thought out plan of action that uses as many free services at possible to start your business instead of paid services.

For example, you will need a business phone number to list on your website and marketing materials. Do not rush out and add a line to your current phone service! But rather you should use a free service, such as Sideline or Google Voice.

Years ago when I first started my nurse entrepreneurship journey, I wasted a lot of money on services and things that I did not need. So when I started my most recent nurse consulting business, I used the “free-source” strategy and saved hundreds of dollars!

Nurse CEO

Here are the top 5 FREE services that I used to start my business:

  • Sideline – An app for your cell phone that gives you a FREE second phone number. It uses your phone’s existing carrier network (not Wi-Fi) so your second number is just as reliable as your first. I’ve been using it for about a year now and I love it!
  • Freshbooks - A time management and accounting software. I use Freshbooks to keep track the time that I spend working on all of my projects, to send out my invoices, and to keep track of my expenses. It generates quick reports like profit and loss statements in seconds. It’s truly a time-saver. I signed up for the FREE 30-day trial so I could at least start generating some income before having to pay the monthly subscription fee.
  • Capital One Spark Business Checking Account – This is the only checking account that I found that is 100% FREE! There are no account balance minimums, no transaction fees, no monthly fees, and no ATM fees. Plus, they offer free bill-pay, invoicing features, and debit cards. I have actually opened multiple accounts for each one of my businesses!
  • Ring Central - A virtual fax service. You will be surprised at how many companies still use fax as a means to send important documents in the healthcare field. Therefore, having the ability to send and receive faxes is a must! This is another service that offers a FREE 30-day trial. So it’s a great way to save some money in the beginning.
  • Wix - Everyone needs a website for their businesses. It can be expensive to buy a domain name, pay for web hosting, and website design. Wix offers FREE websites to use that are 100% customizable and professional. You can add your domain name later once you start making some money.

But that’s not it!

To fully take advantage of these FREE services and others, you need to make sure that you have solid strategy in place.

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