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Keeping a consistent and interesting social media presence takes a lot of work. So I wanted to make sure that my efforts weren’t being wasted. I hate when I take the time to craft the perfect Instagram picture and caption and then I don’t get any likes, comments, bookmarks, or shares.

Earlier this week, I sat down to analyze my Instagram metrics and this is how I found out what type of Instagram posts yields the best results.

Step 1:

Using the insights feature, I compared my top six posts for the past year in regards to engagement, website clicks, and reach. On a sheet of paper, I categorized each post by subject. This allowed me to see that the majority of my top posts were all motivational quotes like the one pictured below.

Nurse CEO quote

Step 2:

On the same sheet of paper, I listed the percentage of accounts that weren’t following me but found each post via hashtags, home, or profile. This is an important metric because it allows me to easily see how many new people are discovering my posts, which means that my reach is growing.


On average the motivational quote posts reached 65% of accounts that were not my followers. That equates to thousands of new eyes that have viewed my posts. And the more views, the better!

Step 3:

Next, I needed to figure out how these accounts were finding my posts without following me. Using the metrics, I noticed that my hashtags resulted in thousands of impressions.


This is great news because at the beginning of the year, I created and implemented a hashtag strategy and now I know that it’s paying off!

Overall, I learned that posting occasional motivational quote posts captioned with the right hashtags helped to increase my reach and impressions significantly.

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    Lolita Korneagay