Nurse CEO free course for nurses. Nurse entrepreneur and business owners. 


I didn't make that much money, working my own schedule without having a clear focus and a niche market. 

This is a Free 5-day email course that shows you how to find your focus so that you can build a profitable, successful business. 

Each Day for 5 days you'll receive a new lesson right to your inbox. 

Trust me, this course is not for everyone. This email course is  only for the nurses that are ready to take their nursing experience and turn it into a money making business. 

This course is for you if you are ready to leave the BEDSIDE and enter the BOARDROOM

What will you learn?

Find your unique niche

Evaluate your strengths

Let go of fears and have faith

Create your business vision

Set Goals

and tons more!

When I finally decided to be a Nurse-preneur, I thought that I knew exactly what I was doing and here's what happened. 

  1. I thought I could be everything to everybody.
  2. I wasted hundreds of dollars marketing my services to the wrong people. 
  3. I wasted countless hours building a business before I had a clear laser-focused vision. 

Oh i wish i could turn back the hands of time! 

Please don't make the same mistakes that I made. Let me show you what to do right from the start!

So why is this course free?

Because I see a lot of nurses asking for business advice from people that  can't help them. I'm a nurse that wants to help nurses and I hope that this free course proves to you that I mean business. 

Who are you?

Lolita Korneagay, Registered Nurse, Nurse Entrepreneur, Nurse CEO Founder, Business Owner

Hey, I'm Lolita, Registered Nurse , CEO, and Serial Entrepreneur. I've built multiple businesses from the ground up and I've successfully transitioned from working 12 hour shifts to becoming a profitable entrepreneur who works on my own schedule. If you are tired of not having control over your work schedule and are ready to increase your income, we're going to be great friends!

What else?

My first Independent Nursing Contracting business was so successful that I went from making $0 - to over $30,000 in in the first three months! Today, I am the Nurse CEO of a two businesses and my success continues to grow.